Thank You To The Sponsors Who Made TEDxTbilisi 2013 Possible

TEDxTbilisi is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers and is dependent on sponsors who also believe in the power of ideas to fund and produce this fantastic one-day event.  

TEDxTbilisi is completely reliant on the support of the community to happen; sponsors are critical. No sponsors - no event. It is that simple.    

We are not hosting TEDxTbilisi for political reasons, monetary reward or personal gain. Rather, we are doing this because we truly believe in the power of ideas to change the world (and because we think Georgia is a really cool place and more people need to know about the amazing things that go on here).  

We are honored and grateful for those sponsors who believe in the future of Georgia and who support the innovative approaches it will take to get there. 

Partners for TEDxTbilisi 2012

A tremendous thank you goes out to the sponsors and partners of TEDxTbilisi.  We applaud your vision, your dedication and your support of what TEDxTbilisi is seeking to achieve.  

Simply put, the following three sponsors made the first TEDxTbilisi possible. 


The in-kind sponsors below each brought their specific services, resources, advice and panache to TEDxTbilisi.  Thank you for your generousity. 



Finally, TEDxTbilisi was blessed with several service providers who supplied the AV equipment, fed us all, and in general, made the day memorable because everything worked perfectly!

Catering by George Machitidze -    If you have not yet been to an event catered by George and his fabulous team, you must make an effort to get out more!  George has redefined the standard of service in Tbilisi with the attention to detail he and his waitstaff  bring to every event.  And the food .... simply unrivaled in Tbilisi for its taste, creatvity, and presentation.  Contact him at +995 574 007 621 or at

Georgian Integrated Systems - GIS provided the onstage screen, rear-screen projection (at terrific prices) and the 2 best AV/ stage technicians working in Georgia today - Bacho and Lasha - you are the best!! 

Music House -  Music House is just that - a great studio, located in Vake Park, supplying musical instruments of all kinds.  BUT, they also provided the wireless mics and the stand-alone speakers for TEDxTbilisi, as well as an on site technician who kept our speakers wired, live and loud that day.