So Just How DO We Decide Who Will Get To Be Part Of The TEDxTbilisi Roster?

Good TED and TEDx speakers tend to be energetic people who “DO” things in life – they don't justtalk about what is and isn't or what is right and what is not. They get out and live life. They havethe vision to see bigger pictures. They want to share what they have learned. They want theiraudience to come away informed and inspired. The best speakers talk about ideas – not themselves. And many of the most memorable speakers are those who use humor and exhibit very human emotions while telling their story.

This is what we seek.  

As a way to help us find these people, and to help us understand the power their stories may carry, these are the general guidelines we follow when evaluating potential candidates: 

Unusual or new story/perspective/initiative/work
Many of the best TED and TEDx talks are those that either present something totally new and innovative or they take everyday thoughts or things and help you to see them in a new light. 

While we all love a good story, we don't just want good stories or topics — we want our speakers to have good stories that teach us something and make us feel. The audience should want to get up and help/act/do something for ourselves or others as a result of the talk.

Show us your charisma! What is charisma? You know it when you see it. Forbes Magazine says charisma includes:

  • Self-confidence, enthusiasm, optimism
  • Telling great stories, speaking with conviction, being relevant & using humor
  • Being comfortable in your body, open and approachable, gracious and graceful
  • Making your point/conversation be about other people, putting others at ease and making them feel comfortable with you
  • Showing you are a good listener. Paying attention, engaging and being empathetic with others

Local voices few have yet heard or international voices with Georgian context
We want Georgian faces on the stage!  All of us at TEDxTbilisi love Georgia and want to highlight to the world what an amazing place this is and what great people and ideas can be found here.

Something new for the TEDx community/enriching others knowledge about local issues
This is a bonus criterion. It is a challenge we happily take on, searching for talks that are equally interesting and relevant for Georgia and the international TED community. 

Overall – we want diversity in demographics, gender, backgrounds, stories and ideas. This pretty much says it all. 

Technical requirements – all of which are non-negotiable:

  • Fluency in English
  • Can be in Tbilisi before the event for rehearsal
  • Must send the presentation (Full version) at least TWO weeks before the event


Thanks to everyone who nominated a speaker for TEDxTbilisi 2015! More than 80 individuals were nominated — many more than once. 

Nominations are now closed. Already eager to nominate for 2016? Check here


TEDxTbilisi is back for 2015, and we need your help in finding great speakers!

We are looking for individuals with a strong connection to Georgia or the Caucasus. Speakers should have a message to convey, a story to tell, or a vision for us to aspire to. All speakers should be passionate about their topic or idea and that passion must come through in their presentation. Previous public speaking experience is desired but not necessary. Well work with speakers to craft the best talk possible. Please note that as all TEDx talks must be in English, all nominees must be able to give a presentation comfortably in English. Good TEDx speakers come from all walks of life and professions. Think broadly!

With just 18 minutes or less to tell a story, share an idea and get a message across, every word matters. The TEDxTbilisi planning team will help speakers make every sentence meaningful. To do this, we require all potential speakers to go through an auditioning process. Once speakers have been selected, they will be assigned a coach to help them refine their idea and enhance their presentation. Even the most experienced public speakers benefit from rehearsals!

Click here to nominate a speaker!

The TEDxTbilisi planning committee will review all nominations and invite potential speakers to discuss their TEDx talk and/or to audition. We will contact those we feel will best be able to contribute to the overall TEDxTbilisi 2015 event.

THANK YOU in advance for your time, thoughts and contributions to TEDxTbilisi 2015.

Nominations must be submitted by January 25, 2015.