Event Details for TEDxTbilisi 2016

We are getting ready for TEDxTbilisi 2016. Guests (the event is sold out) should have received an email with further details, for the event on April 17 (Sunday). A handful of guests, especially those who received their tickets from others, may not have gotten that email. 

Key Details: 

Our venue is the V.Saradjishvili Tbilsi State Conservatoire, on 8-10 Griboedov Street. 

Registration will start from 11:30 am, doors to the event will open at 12:00 pm, TEDxTbilisi 2016 will begin at 12:30 pm. Note that there is no assigned seating, so we strongly recommend early arrival. 

There will be two breaks, with catering, and the TEDxTbilisi event at the Conservatoire is scheduled to end at approximately 6:00 pm. 

Please do use social media (#TEDxTbilisi) at the event, but please do not take photos or film once we start the event inside the Concert Hall. We have a camera crew, and several photographers on site. (Filming and taking photos is also against TED rules that we accepted as part of the license.)

Don't forget your ticket, and please don't bring a friend. We really are sold out, there are no extra seats in the venue. 

As you can see above, we had a rehearsal today. The venue looks great! 

We want to again highlight our generous sponsors and partners, who make this event possible. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!