Program for TEDxTbilisi 2015

June 20, 2015

Free University of Tbilisi - 240 David Agmashenebeli Alley


Natalia Antelava - Why journalism needs a revolution

Jonne Catshoek - Putting citizens in the drivers seat of development

Eric Livny Keeping kids in school — an experiment from a Georgian village [cancelled]

TED Joachim de Posada - Don't eat the marshmallow!

 Chabukiani Ballet School



Budrugana Gargra — Georgian Hand Shadow Theatre

Aleksandre Jejelava - Can our fairytale have a happy ending?

Lasha Bakradze - Should Stalin keep his own museum?

Andrés Cruz - Sutemi and the abandonment of reason

TED Sunni Brown- Doodlers, unite!



Keti Zazanashvili - What I learned from inclusive dance

Keti Zazanashvili and Iko Iakobidze dancing to Bien by Asea Sool

TED Mark Bezos - A life lesson from a volunteer firefighter

Nick Davitashvili - Choreographing a protest

Natia Gvianishvili - The privilege of coming out


We welcome you to join us at Rooms Hotel Tbilisi after the event to continue the discussion.